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The REM POD has been widely used on numerous TV shows where it gives outstanding detection. It has ATDD and EMT added with Programmable REM for the range (sensitivity) and zero function of the REM. The latest version has 40% more sensitivity around the antenna than the previous Rev 02 version!

Kinect SLS Camera

Kinect SLS Camera is paranormal video at a new level. Works in absolute darkness (as well as full light). It detects spirit forms during paranormal research that can't be seen with the naked eye. Get the Deluxe Kinect SLS Camera, which comes with a tablet pre-loaded with all the necessary apps.

  • Kinect SLS Camera

    Takes minimum 10-15 business days to build. Please take note that although we are trying to get everything built on time, due to the current global situation, this build to order item may take a little longer than usual.

  • SB11 Spirit Box

    The SB11 is the fastest sweeping Spirit Box available giving it a higher probability of creating clearer and more EVPs. The SB11 has been used consistently on paranormal TV shows and investigations to capture remarkable EVPs that relate to the investigated site.

  • Portal Basic

    It's an amplifier and enhancer to use with a Spirit or Ghost Box. This makes it possible to hear EVPs that may have gone unheard during your paranormal investigation.